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Hydroserv: hydraulics with service - Products

Measuring systems - Software Hydrocom6

Choise of measuring systems

Multi-Handy's: 2020 - 3010 - 3020 - 3025 - 3050

Multi-Systems: 5060 - 8050 serie - 3060 serie

more details on measuring systems  |  download catalog [PDF - 1.5 MB]


Test points for fluid and gas applications.

Adaptors, available in different connection options.

Microbore hose assemblies, can be standard or costomized.

more details on Minimess  |  download catolog [PDF - 1.5 MB]

HySense Sensors

Sensors for pressur, temperature, pressur/temperature, ...

Flow rate sensors (turbine and gear), rotation speed sensors, ...


more details on sensors  |  download catalog [PDF - 3.2 MB]


Standard cylinders (different brands and types)

Cylinders according to the model, made ​​in own workshop

Adaptations and renovation of existing cylinders

more details on cylinders


Standard units and compact units

Engenieering and designing units

Emergency aggregates = very rapidly react to failures

more details on aggregates


High-pressure pumps or high/low pressure pumps 250 – 500 – 700 – 1000 Bar

1 to 6 pistons

1 to 6 outlets with prefect parallell operation

 download brochure [PDF - 3.2 MB]

Sauer Danfoss

Pumps, hydromotors and valves for mobile and stationary applications.

Hydrostatic drives and proportional controls.


HPV Pumps

Readily available in over 300 possible combinations..

Suitable for all kinds of industrial and mobile applications.


More info on hpv pumps

METARIS Pumpen - Hydromotors

Available in different types

Fixed or variable flow

Open or closed loop, ...

More info on metaris products

Veljan Pumps - Hydromotors

Single vane pumps- double vane pumps - triple vane pumps

Hydraulic motors

Pressure controls, ...

More info about pumps and motors

Accumulators - Coolers

Oil / air coolers, oil / water coolers

Standard bladder accumulators, diaphragm accumulators


More info about accumulators and coolers

Valves - Manifolds

Cartridge valves, counterbalance valves, solenoid-operated cartridges valves

Flow, pressure, or check valves.

In-line mounting, sandwich bodies or specific manifold

Custum-made to you design.