Urgent repairs QRS

  • Permanent 24h service

    Our technicians are ready to depute your company, day and night, on-site or in our own workplace.

    Hydraulic hoses

    Our vehicles are equipped with a mobile hydraulic hose service.

Maintenance & revision

  • Maintenance contract

    Together with you we set up a maintenance contract, adapted to the needs of the installation. This preventive maintenance prevents malfunctions and/or wear and tear during the production and avoids long downtimes.


    An installation that is regularely cleaned, lubricated and maintained is less susceptible to malfunctions. This way, the continuity of your production process is ensured.


  • Renovated and adapted installations

    Deliveries, placements, start-ups and commissioning of new, renovated and adapted installations.


    Conversion of mechanical/electrical systems to hydraulic systems.

Failure analysis

  • Curative maintenance of installations

    Drawing and adjusting schematics

    Assemblies on-site

    Complete systems

Hydraulic hoses and pipe assemblies

  • Mobile service

    We possess completely equipped service cars with mobile hose pressing system, power aggregate, testing equipment, spare parts, ...

Merchant vehicles

  • What we offer

    • Placement of new awnings
    • Conversion of the awning (old vehicle to new vehicle)
    • Maintenance of both hydraulic and mechanical components on the vehicles
    • Repairs on the vehicle
    • Placement of a new canopy cover on the awning
    • Installation of LED lighting systems, both on new and existing awnings.


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